60W 80W Solar LED Street Light Head

Mr.Auroras' HERMES is specially designed for high poles between 6~10 meters, it is built with a big capacity LifePO4 battery together with a high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller. The designed lifetime of HERMES is 8~10 years without maintenance. 64 pieces of Philips SMD5050 (5W/LED) is utilised and driven with 48V constant voltage and low current input to get ultra high efficiency output up to 160lm/W. It is approved by CB and SABER.

Model number:60W80W
Rated power 60W 80W
LED source 8,800lm 10,800lm
Luminous flux SMD5050 5w/led SMD5050 5w/led
Battery 12.8V 538WH 25.6V 768WH
Charge controller MPPT MPPT
Autonomy 2~3 days 2~3 days


HERMES All In Two Solar LED Street Light

HERMES Solar LED street lights are designed to provide continuous and ultra high brightness output for the main road market. It is build with a big capacity LifePO4 battery pack up to 768WH max whose lifetime could reach to more than 10 years in energy saving mode. It is equipped with 64 pieces of SMD5050 (5W/LED) as the lighting engine, it is driven by constant voltage and lower current in order to get superb high luminous output up to 180lm/W. All these components are integrated inside of the light fixture, the Solar light head is connected to the PV panel by universal MC4 plugs. 

HERMES was designed for high end projects which have a high requirement in lighting distribution, because of this, it utilises top quality LED optics from LEDil. There are different lighting patterns available to meet different requirements based on road width; height of pole;  distance between poles etc. Using the most suitable LED optics, it can provide the best lighting performance with the lowest budgets. Customers can choose a suitable power output of the PV panel according to their local solar radiation conditions, ensuring enough power can be generated daily to meet the power consumption of light. 

HERMES is a perfect model for poles from 6 meters up to 10 meters.


Key Components & Advantages


MPPT Controller


As the "CPU" of the solar light,  the MPPT solar controller from SRNE is adopted for all series of street lights. Increasing the charging efficiency by 30% than PWM.



Ultra long lifetime and high capacity of LifePO4 battery pack are built inside of the light fixture. Lifetime of complete light of more than 10 years without maintenance. 



PHILIPS SMD3030 LED engine are equipped and providing high lumens up to 140 lm per watt. The budget for your project could be reduced with smaller configurations.

Helios Remote


The lighting program can be easily modified according to clients' requirements, allowing more energy to be saved with the lifetime of the battery greatly extended.

Helios bracket


The angle could be easily adjusted precisely according to different applications.  Ensuring the best lighting output performance and increasing the lighting utilization.

Helios sensor


More light is falling on the road directly, reducing the waste of light which is falling out off the road. Different lighting patterns of lens are avaible to satisfy different project requirements.


LED engine 48nos 1W SMD3030 72nos 1W SMD3030 90nos 1W SMD3030
LED rated power 20W±5% 30W±5% 50W±5%
Luminous flux(lm) >2,800lm >4,200lm >6,500lm
Color termpature 5500K~6000K 5500K~6000K 5500K~6000K
Regular solar panel 50W 18V 80W 18V 120W 36V
Vertical solar panel 1pcs Q140 18V 2pcs Q100 18V 2pcs Q140 18V
LifePO4 battery 12.8V 230WH 12.8V 307WH 12.8V 460WH
Charging time
5 hours
Discharging time
>20 hours
Battery lifetime DOD 100% >2000 cycles
Battery autonomy 2~3 days
Working temp. -15℃ ~ +70℃
Working mode 6h 100% + 6h 50% sensor
IP rating IP65
Certificates CE ROHS IK08 LM79 CB


Internal Structure



Lighiting Distribution

As an always neglected consideration of Solar LED lights by most of clients, LED optics is actually a very important and critical element. Adopting the most suitable LED optics will greatly improve the lighting efficiency with a limited condition by conducting the lighting to fall on the road without falling out off the road and also creating a more smooth and uniform lighting performance.  Therefore, it may help to reduce the budget of your project by increasing the distance between poles and/or reducing the power of the LED light head.

THOR solar street lights are utilising high quality LED optics from LEDil, who are currently recognised at the best in the world. Depending upon the requirements of your project, the most suitable LED optics can be selected from more than 20 available models.


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